Tuesday, 11 May 2021

MEA attestation services, what is it and what is the need for it?

MEA represents the Ministry of External Affairs. It is the central government authority

handling the foreign affairs management of India. MEA also authenticates the certificates or

documents issued from India. It is a must to obtain attestation from the MEA on all the

documents during the document legalization process.

Acquiring in India an MEA attestation is a time-consuming process. It is best to take help of

attestation service providers.attestation services in bangalore They provide the MEA attestation services and help to complete the MEA attestation process.

What is MEA Attestation?

MEA attestation is to get from the Ministry of External Affairs a stamp on your documents

for attestation. This central department deals with anything relating to external affairs. Thus,

it is essential to verify documents and certificates while seeking attestation in India from the

Ministry. The legalization of a document is a mandatory step to prove the genuineness.

What is the need for MEA Attestation?

MEA attestation is required for various reasons, including student visa, resident visa, and

work visa. Even for businesses wishing to expand or do business from foreign countries or

employ candidates from other nations, there is a need for a visa. It is a priority to get embassy

authentication, as well. MEA attestation is a must on personal and educational documents.

Why is MEA attestation required?

Anyone wishing to go out of the home country for a job or to pursue education must get a

visa to proceed with the process further. It is mandatory to receive attestation from the central

government, the MEA attestation on your educational certificates. It proves the authenticity

of your documents. Acquiring legalization at the central level for a degree certificate is a

must. The authentication or the MEA attestation on the educational documents is the last step.

Before that, the documents must receive authentication from Notary and HRD.

How to receive Ministry of External Affairs attestation?

The MEA attestation entire procedure is time-consuming and complex. It is not easy for

anyone to complete it as an individual. There are several MEA attestation agents providing

certificate authentication services, and apostille attestation services. You may consider hiring

one of the authentical services and they will get the process of verification on your

documents on your behalf. You have to provide your documents, and they will complete the

process of MEA attestation for you.

The Procedure of MEA Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs attestation is the last leg of verifying the attestations of all

the other officials performed at different stages. The central document authentication is an

entire process relying on the document types, whether it is personal, commercial, or

educational. The procedure of MEA attestation is as follows:

 Regional level: his is the first stage of the procedure to get authentication on the

certificate. This attestation is received from the university or the local notary. It is

from the place the documents were issued, or for the commercial documents from the

Chamber of commerce.

 State Attestation: The certificate legalization from the state is as per the requirement

of the document type from three departments. They are the SHD (State Home

Department), HRD (Home Resource Department), and the SDM (Sub-Divisional

Magistrate). SDM stands alone of the state government, and this verification is

performed on the state level.

 MEA attestation: It is the last stage, MEA attestation. It is from the home government

as authentication as a sticker or MEA stamp affixed on the document. Ministry of

External Affairs is the central organization concerning the country’s foreign affairs.

What is MEA Attestation on Documents?

Applying for the MEA legalization on your personal Documents requires you to get a Notary

certificate from the local authorities.attestation services in delhi It is to follow by the then Home Department or SDM verification on Personal Documents. On completion of authentication from these

departments, MEA provides its stamp on the documents, and it is ready for the embassy

legalization. The steps are:

1. Notary

2. Home Department Certification

3. Ministry of External Affairs Authentication

Hiring MEA attestation services through reliable sources ensures you get the attestation faster and hassle-free.